Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pope Francis asks to "pray for him" after a year of pontificate

Vatican City - "Pray for me": François asked Thursday on Twitter Catholics to help through prayer, after a year of pontificate showered with praise, despite some criticism of its discretion in the fight against pedophilia.
Already, 17 March 2013, the first tweet the first pope in history Argentine asked the faithful to pray for him in his difficult task of the head of a Church 1, 2 billion baptized.
In retreat, Francis spent the first anniversary in the Roman Campagna, with the cardinals of the Curia away from tensions aroused by his reforms in the Vatican.
"The pope wanted to do nothing different from other days," said AFP spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, noting that he had "requested".
Pictures have shown seated on a bench in a small chapel, dressed in white, in the middle of the prelates in sober black outfit.

Jean-Louis DE LA VAISSIERE (AFP) - There 5:00

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